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Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet Caroline's

I have a list of important things I keep safely stored in the back of my mind for use at some later date. Names for pets I don’t yet own, excuses for missing engagements, airport codes and things to do that sound adult but are a bit cool, are just a few of the subtitles under the greater heading “Things I Remember in Place of Math Equations and Geography”.

So, when feeling a bit antsy after several days under grey skies this past Friday evening, I called upon this master list for an answer to the not uncommon question: what should I do tonight? The answer came quickly: e=mc². Wait, wait… I distinctly remember replacing you with something else, what was it? Ahhhhh yes, there it is - Jazz Club. My, my, now that does sound adult.

A quick Google search later (thank you Sergey Brin and Larry Page) I was on my way to the local hole in the wall for an evening of jazz, Latin jazz no less.

Arriving 40 minutes early like the super cool jazz loving adult that I am, I walked into Caroline’s to my pick of the somewhat limited, pleasantly intimate seating. I quickly settled in to watch the band set up. I waited with ever increasing interest as 2 drum sets, a tuba, sax, bass, guitar, keyboard and various other hand instruments found their way onto a now crowded stage. At the same time, fellow patrons were filing in to greet each other and find places of their own.

Then it began, several instruments playing together in unison-and not. Uncommon rhythms and interesting transitions flowed in what felt very free, almost improvised. It gave one the feeling of being witness to art as it was being created. I was officially in love.

I stayed late and spent the next day looking for tracks to download from itunes. Apparently my new favorite band had not quite risen to itunes status (although no stranger to YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXlmLp6H0B0) it turned out so I was forced to search for a reasonable facsimile. http://www.latinjazznet.com/ pointed me in the right direction and I had little trouble finding several bands worthy of my newest playlist.

There are few things as energizing as finding new music to love, unless of course you’ve just memorized another airport code, San Jose, SJC., found the perfect pug name – “Roxy” for example or figured a way out of the upcoming office party – would you believe I have another office party for my second job at the same time? I know, crazy!

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Whitenoise said...

Jazz, eh? Guess I'm still not adult enough... ;-)