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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My First Time

I must begin by saying that I am writing this somewhat reluctantly. It’s not that I lack the time (I don’t sleep much), the technical ability (I have friends for that) or god forbid, the mental meanderings that make blogs what they are today, but mostly just the impetus.

Why, I asked my happily blogging buddy (who pushed me into this fools endeavour), would anyone care what I thought about global warming (fyi: I’m against it), raspberry pie (yes, please) or dry cleaning? (that one will remain a teaser). True, I’ve regaled many a lonely drunk past closing time with my notions but could this talent, this skill I possess to prevent them from actually falling asleep translate into a wider audience? Hard to say.

Blogging, I proceeded to explain to my puzzled looking friend, may actually be counterproductive to my life’s mission (it’s to be a hermit or, dreaming big; a recluse).

There is also the concept of arrogance to consider I continued, could I really be so bold, so egocentric to believe that two to three people might actually read this? Comment even? Oh, to hope.

So here I sit, typing away for what it’s worth. Not because of any inner drive, social conscience or lust for fame (it is possible though right? Right?), but because a friend asked me to, and anyone who knows me knows, I’d do most anything for a friend.

A final note: Yes, I am fully aware of the title of this post and what you were probably expecting. A word of advice; coming to terms with that disappointed feeling now will save us both a lot of time in the future.



Philip said...

Way to go for the first post! Glad I could be here to witness your first time ;).

Anonymous said...

Great first post.I am looking forward to reading more musings from the Prickly Press.

Welcome to the weird & wacky world of blogging.

The Prickly Press said...

Thank you, looks like I'll be making room for another addiction, see ya later morning work out, I never really liked you anyhow.