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Monday, October 13, 2008

For the Love of Tangents

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation about how asparagus makes your pee smell funny and wondered how you ever ended up discussing this on a Monday morning? (happened to me today actually and thinking back, it began with the color ‘pea green’).

If not for my love of tangents, I might have completed many more large projects instead of beginning and (ok, I’ll admit it, abandoning) infinitely more smaller ones.

I might have purchased a purse at the store as I intended instead of noticing a piece of fabric, deciding to make my own purse, hitting a snag and coming to the conclusion a better plan might be to chronicle the endeavor on a website that I would create (that by the way, took WAY longer than actually making the purse).

I might have taken the most direct route home from work instead of noticing an interesting road, wildly cranking the wheel at the last second, finding myself face to face with a church pew pillar I couldn’t pass up making my own, and ending up discussing the history of the piece with the seller for half an hour. (very interesting fellow by the way).

I might have went to the grocery, bought what I intended to buy instead of noticing a Prickly Pear, taking it home (couldn’t resist that you know) and eating a pretty bad piece of fruit. Ok, that one may have been a mistake.

I guess my point is (wait for it, wait for it…) that while I could be the owner of a functioning purse today, could have made it home a few minutes sooner from work or eaten something that didn’t stain my counters blood red, I also would have missed out on much of the ‘interesting’ in my life.

Tomorrow I plan on going for a run, wonder what I should name my new dog?



Leopard said...

Tangent. It would only be fitting to name your dog Tangent. haha. ;)

Anonymous said...

Tangents are interesting. The fun thing about them is that not only can they lead to fruits, but also to love. Tangents can be scary and complex, but that's the fun of them, you can't predict what's going to happen. With the love aspect of it, it's more difficult, but if someone on the other side seems to love and care for you, then it could probably be a tangent worth taking.

The Prickly Press said...

Right, Tangent! Here boy! Could work. Seems I remember seeing they were giving dogs away somewhere, now where was that? hmmm