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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No More Autographs, Pull-ease!

So, Ringo Starr is officially out of the autographing game come October 20th, 2008. Ok, I can live with that. I mean the guy is what, 68? Leave him alone already.

And then I watch the video.

“I’m warning you with Peace & Love….” Ummm, what? Warning me? With Peace & Love? That’s odd. Toss in a “This is a serious message” and 5-6 more "Peace & Love’s" and the whole bit of strange is over. Apparently you can say whatever you like now if you tack on a bit of popular social commentary or call for change. Awesome. I’ve been waiting a long time for a get out of jail free card like this.

So now I must be off, I hope you will excuse me as I stoke the tire fire in my backyard, Free Tibet!



Anonymous said...

Stars are so wierd! Are there still THAT many people clammoring for his autograph?! Guess so, enjoy your peace and love, Ringo.

Carrot said...

Who's Ringo Star?

Philip said...

@carrot, you're kidding right? Ringo is the most famous drummer in the world! He's also done some very bad acting :). If you don't know Ringo, you'll need to go backwards 6 spaces and lose a turn :).

Whitenoise said...

Selfish ingrate! (save the whales....)

Philip said...

@whitenoise what about the polar bears, don't you know that Leonardo DiCaprio has personally contacted the owners of The Prickly Press and asked for an endorsment on polar bears?

Personally I'm all for a save the humans campaign! Of course to save the humans we need to save the environment.